Resume Writing

Get in front of the employer of your choice.
Resumes take time, consideration, and experience when writing. They directly reflect who you are and how capable you will be in a position.  Resumes could either be your first impression of many or your last.  What does your resume reflect?

The economy impacts more than unemployment.  It shapes the application process.  Companies are now being bombarded by resumes and inquiries.  The more competitive job market demands the best possible resume to represent your experience.  Let us help you clearly communicate your accomplishments so you can start scheduling interviews.
Our team has experience in executive recruiting, human resource consulting, marketing, and technical writing. We have written and formatted resumes for candidates in virtually all industries and experience levels nationwide. Unlike other writing services, we do not outsource our work. For each resume, two writers will review, reformat, and recommend variations. This balanced approach ensures the highest quality.

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